R 131 Carduus Hepatic Drops




Cirrhosis of the Liver, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Pancreatic Dysfunction. Chronic Liver Disease due to high intake of alcohol and strong medications like anti lipid, anti hypertensive drugs etc

Mode of action of main Ingredients

Cardus Mar: Cirrhosis of the  Liver, Hepatitis, Swollen Gall Bladder, Gall Stones,Jaundice, Hepatic congestion.

Chimaphilla: Diuretic and stimulant, Hepatic and Renal Dropsies Expells toxins andexcess water from the body.

Juglans: Stimulates the Liver, Intestines, and promotes the flow of Bile. Painful Gallstones, Soreness in the region of the Liver, Itching of the bodydue to Liver disturbances.

Phaseolus: Weak Heart with generalized swelling. Diabetic Complications.

Quassia: Liver Cirrhosis with swelling. Gas and Acidity, Increased Urination. Liverdysfunction due to Diabetes.

Taraxacum: Enlarged Liver and Spleen, Hepatorenal Syndrome. Loss of Appetite,Bitter Taste, Flatulence.

Scilla: Diuretic remedy with Odema, Cardiac and Circulatory weakness.

Sarsaparilla: Metabolic Regulator and Diuretic Stimulant. Itching on hands and feet.

Dosage: Five Drops three times daily.


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