Ambra Super (Capsules)

30 Capsules




Ambra Ø, Acid phos Ø, Agnus castus Ø,
Damiana Ø, China 3x, Selenium 8x, Sabal
serrulata 3x, Yohimbinum 2x, Kali phos 6x.


  • Indicated for emissions at night and at the time of passing stool.
  • For sexual debility and seminal vasculitis.
  • Debility from nervous prostration and exhausting discharges.
  • Loss of vital fluids and frequent emissions.
  • Impotence and sexual male parts relax during embrace resulting in lack of erection. It is also associated with loss of desire. There is also weakness of genital organs.
  • Scanty emission without ejaculation, loss of prostatic fluid on straining.
  • Extreme nervous senistiveness,Anaemia, sleeplessness and violet erection without any voluptuous sensations.
  • Oedema of prepuce and swollen glans penis.
  • Great mental and physical exhaustion associated with old age.
  • Prostatorrhoea and irritability after coitus.
  • Semen is thin and odorless.
  • Promotes nutrition and tissue building of testes. Also stimulates the function of glands.


One capsule three times daily after taking meals. With improvement use two times daily.

Interaction with other medication:



Available in 30 capsules packing.


Store in a cool, dry place. keep away from the
reach of children.


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