Kent Drop 58 (Tonsilitis Drops)

Tonsilitis Drops

30 ml


(Tonsilitis Drops)


Apis Meltifica D4, Arnica Montana D4, Belladonna D4, Hepar Sulfuris D6, Mercurius Cynatus D8, Phytolacca Americana D4


Feverish Conditions, Cymphatic diathesis, Tonsillitis. Throat Swollen, inside and outside, tonsils swollen puffy, red, tonsils ulcere. Nose, red, swollen, inflamed. Ear inflamed with stinging pain. Acute tonsilitis, swelling of solft palate and uvula. Tonsils enlarged, throat feels constricted, difficult deglutition, continuous inclination to swollon, scraping sensation, muscles of deglutition very sensitive. Stitiches in throat extending to the ear on swallowing. Fever and cold from the slightest dranght. Feeling of row and sore in throat. Neerotic destruction of soft parts of the ear on swallowing is very difficult.


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