Kent Drop 64 (For Hay Fever)

For Hay Fever

30 ml


(For Hay Fever)



Aralia racemosa D1. Arsenum Iodatum D1. Lobelia Inflata D6. Luffa Operculata D12


Generally take 10 drops with some water, 3 times daily.


Available in 30 ml drops packing.


Store at normal room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. If symptoms persist, consult your physician. Hay fever. Allergies every where on the body. Allergies of skin and mucous membrance. Glandular swelling watery nose. Irritation, cough due to allergies. Extremely sensitive to draughts, least current of air causes sneezing and copious watery excoriating nasal discharge. Dry cough, asthma with spasmodic cough. Tickling in the throat. Hay fever with frequent sneezing rawness and burning behind the gternum. Mucous membrance red, swellen, itchy and burning influenza. Swelling of tissues within the nose. Irritation and tingling in the nose, constant desire to sneeze, swellen nose. Burning in the pharynx, swellen tonsils thick membrance from fanses to lips. Hacking cough with dry and stopped up nostrils. Dry cough withlittle or difficult expectoration. Asthma attacks with weakness short breath.


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