R 41 Forte


Impotence Drops 

22 ml


Indications: Sexual asthenia, spermatorrhoea, general debility especially in men. After-effects of debilitating illnesses, overwork on physical or other planes, overexcitement, nervous exhaustion. Against various kind of ail-ments in old-age.

Mode of action of main Ingredients: 

Tissues grow old through a variety of causes. The formation of rings can be noticed in the albuminous molecules bringing about a rarification of water and consequent parching. As these albuminous molecules loose their working efficacy they can no longer fulfil their detoxicant role to-wards the cells. This in turn means an accumulation of harmful tissues. It is through a homoeopathic medication stimulating the detoxicant cellu-lar mechanism that an outward bound elimination of these toxins is achieved. The composition of R 41 has been adapted in such a way as to influence the different systems, with special emphasis on the sexual glands. It is universally admitted that the function of the germinal glands affects the whole life-current in an individual.

Other indications in accordance with the following symptomatology.

Acid. phosphor: Tonic in case of impotence and lack of libido.

Agnus castus: Lack of virility; weakness.

China: Specific effect in cases of loss of humours following upon too high a rate of sexual productivity, and in cases of sexual disturbances after debilitating illnesses.

Conium: Angry irritations, lack of concentration. Hypochondria especially on sexual base and in senile debility.

Damiana: Strengthens the genital regions.

Phosphor: Specific action on sexual life, with high efficacy in low dilution.

Sepia: Acts in cases of exhaustion of all cellular functions, fatigue, aver-sion, repugnance for coition.

Lecithinum: Acts as substitute and stimulant in the organotherapeutic sense.

Ginseng: Rheumatic pains after frequent emission. Weakness of genital organs. Pressure in testicles

Yohimbinum: This medicine is well reputed sex remedy in homoeopathy, esencially efficacious in mental and emotional stress resulting in sexual neurasthenia.

Dosage: Generally 2-3 times daily 15 drops in a little water before meals. In cases of long standing and to achieve a more rapid result, for 2-3 days 10-15 drops can be taken every 1-2 hours.

Remarks: As complementary remedies R 19 is recommended, as well as R 31 after illnesses bringing on exhaustion, and in cases of anaemia. VITA-C 15 as nerve tonic, R 2 for perturbations in the circulation, and R 3 with muscular weakness of the heart as found in potatoric cases and in old age. R 48 for weakness of the lungs; R 51 for cases of emaciation and overfunctioning of the thyroids.


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