R 79 Heart Capsules

90 Capsules


Indications: Hypertension, attacks of vertigo, dyspnoea, weariness, forgetfulness, for regularization of blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidaemia, angina pectoris.

Mode of action of main Ingredients

Allium sativum: Vasodilator; very useful in vertigo associated with arteriosclerosis, its healthbuilding action is known since long. The Bulgarians high age seems to be connected to its regular ingestion as Allicin, one of the active constituents of Allium sativum, exerts a regenerative function and preservative effect to the cells. Allium sativum invigorates the stomach and intensifies the gastric secretion. This increases the choleresis (secretion of bile).Intestinal infection and constipation will be prevented as Allium sativum hampers bacterial multiplication.

Crataegus: Heart tonic, it enhances the functional heart capacity and prevent disordered actions of the heart if intaken regularly. Reduces blood pressure, strengthens the myocardium and dilates the coronary vessels.Useful in arteriosclerosis; dissolves fatty deposits on the arteries. Angina pectoris, especially on exertion, depression and premature fatigue are prevented if under stress.

Viscum album: Reduces the blood viscosity, effects a capillary dilatation and normalizes the heat rate causing such a decompression. Sensations of dizziness and increased congestion of blood with its often related headache may be prevented.


Dosage: Swallow whole one capsule three times daily before meals.


Remarks: In case of angina pectoris: R 2 and R 3Arteriosclerosis: R 12Circulatory disturbances: R 67Vertigo: R 29.


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