Rooh Afza Go (Hamdard)

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Water Based Carbonated Rooh Afza drink

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Rooh Afza GO is based on the concentrated Rooh Afza and also contains sugar, carbonated water with Nature identical flavor.

Rooh Afza GO enjoys the position of a drink which is all set and ready to refresh you and quench your thirst whenever you need the best solution available. Rooh Afza GO, since the time it launched, has acquired the position of a youth-oriented drink. It launched as a line extension of the parent brand Rooh Afza, and since its inception has supported the equity and sales volume of the parent brand.

Rooh Afza GO was launched 33,000 ft above the ground as a result of the brand collaboration with the oldest airline of Pakistan in May 2019 but right after the launch, it has managed to create its own prominent façade in the beverages category.

This product has become one of those brands of Hamdard and Pakistan, as a whole, that is creating a buzz in the industry by becoming associated with the correct target audience and tapping into the spaces that no newly launched brand has ever tapped into i.e. partnering with one of the biggest marketing events of the country and associating itself with the emerging film industry of Pakistan.


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